On Conspiracy Theories

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about conspiracy theories. For some reason, people tend to think of such theories as nonsense and not worth looking in to. This, I believe, is a huge mistake. It is true that there are tons of conspiracy theories out there, and that many of them are probably false. However, many of the prominent (and extreme) theories that we’ve all heard about are so widely known because there is actually something to them.
It is easy to write off topics like UFO’s and government cover ups because they seem farfetched, but you shouldn’t dismiss a topic because it seems too unlikely. Alternatively, the decision on engaging a topic should be based on how dire the consequences would be if it were true. A simple assessment of topics like UFO’s, 9/11 theories, and Sandy Hook theories will show that, at the very least, there are multiple significant questions unanswered.
Before you make up your mind about something, it is necessary to look at all sides of the story. Just because something seems impossible doesn’t mean that it is. For thousands of years, everyone thought the world was flat; and the idea of our planet as we know it would have been absurd. Likewise, the notion of extraterrestrial life seems nonsensical to many; yet, it could very well be real. It is important to look at every issue with an open mind. Anything is possible and closing off arguments on the basis that they are too different, could greatly limit ones knowledge.


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